Edward Andrews Homes


Paul Edward Corley and Todd Andrew Hager are industry leaders in homebuilding as well land development. Their strength comes from a combination of Paul’s land expertise and Todd’s innovative home design. Through the years, they witnessed a ‘cookie-cutter’ mentality in home building and community development and decided it was time to do something different. At Edward Andrews homes, their mission is to take the stress out of customization and create a true partnership between customers, project managers, sales consultants and designers.

Edward Andrews Homes brings a wealth of experience in land development and a unique talent for choosing premium locations. Their built communities preserve the natural beauty of the land while giving homebuyers a rewarding quality of life, outstanding schools, convenient retail and easy access to the area’s assets. They bring the same quality of life inside the home, as well.

Imagine creating a home that’s exactly right for you, without all the complications that typically come with building a custom home. Edward Andrews Homes reimagined the process so that you get all the benefits of custom building without the drawbacks. Their innovative and design-focused approach completely separates design from construction to give you a truly quality home that fits your style and lifestyle – on time and on budget.