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5 Perks of Living in a Golf Community in Georgia

The Manor Golf & Country Club offers club members and The Manor residents a wide array of upscale amenities.

If you’re looking for luxury living and privacy in an ideal location, you can’t beat a golf community in Georgia. Golf communities are equipped with some of the finest golfing, dining, and special events cities and suburbs have to offer. Here at The Manor Golf & Country Club, we pride ourselves on our amazing and opulent amenities. Whether you’re an avid golfer, foodie, or a lover of the sun, a beautiful and luxurious golf community is sure to have something to suit your fancy. If you’re on the fence about living in a golf community in Georgia, we’re here to help. Below we have listed five amenities you get to indulge in if you decide to become a resident of a Georgia golf community, specifically, The Manor Golf & Country Club.  Read More