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Five Summertime Renovations

Making improvements to your home in the summer can help stretch your renovation budget and get more done. Contractors are more willing to work when it’s warm out, meaning that you’ll have a wider range of choices and that you might be able to negotiate an even better deal on one of these five summertime projects. Read More

6 Simple Summer Decorating Ideas

Summertime is the time to shake off the long winter, leave behind the rains of spring and lighten up your home. These six simmer decorating ideas will make the whole house feel more open and inviting.

Embrace the Light

Swapping your dark, heavy winter curtains for brighter colors and lacy designs lets natural sunshine reign supreme in every room. Although you’ll still want to have a heavier barrier to keep extreme heat at bay when necessary, opening things up the rest of the time lets you enjoy the mood-boosting effects of natural sunlight. Read More