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6 Tips on How to Choose an Exterior Paint Color for Your Home

For most homeowners, choosing the perfect exterior paint color is one of the biggest decisions that one can make, considering the expense and longevity of it. Depending on what color you choose, make sure that it is a color that you want and won’t mind your home being for the next few years. We have provided you with six tips on how to choose an exterior paint color for your home that best suits it as well as your taste in décor. Read More

Tips For Owning a Newly-Built Home

Buying a newly-built home has its advantages: for starters, you do not have to deal with a seller’s emotional ties to the property. In fact, you’ll only be dealing with the builder. At The Manor, new home buyers will be the first owners living in the community with a custom built home in Alpharetta Ga! Whether you’re looking to purchase an empty lot, a semi-customizable home or a previously built model, these steps will help guide you through the home buying process: Read More