map of Georgia with city of Milton highlighted in bold

A Quick Guide to Milton Georgia

Finding a quiet, family-friendly town with an easy commute to the city can be challenging. You want a location with growth opportunities, good schools and appropriate activities for everyone. If Georgia is your destination, the city of Milton Georgia has everything you’re looking for. Read More

Young couple riding horses in the countryside.

6 Unique Alpharetta Attractions to Explore

The area around The Manor is full of popular destinations and hidden gems offering activities catering to all tastes. You don’t have to travel far from home to enjoy some of the unique Alpharetta attractions in the area.

Six Unique Alpharetta Attractions to Explore

Sis & Moon’s

This haven for local artists draws customers with an eye for vintage pieces and distinctive originals. Both are on display every day to admire and purchase. Choose from original apparel, unusual home goods, beautiful accessories and personal care products. You’ll walk away with something truly unique every time, and you’ll want to return time and again to see what new treasures appear. Read More