Five Summertime Renovations

Image of renovated kitchen in the home.

Making improvements to your home in the summer can help stretch your renovation budget and get more done. Contractors are more willing to work when it’s warm out, meaning that you’ll have a wider range of choices and that you might be able to negotiate an even better deal on one of these five summertime projects.

Here are Five Summertime Renovations to Consider

1. Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams
Since you can’t use your kitchen while it’s being renovated, it makes more sense to get the job done during the summer when you have the option of cooking and eating outdoors. Instead of ordering in or eating at restaurants, you can prepare your favorite grilled meals or use a camping stove to make batches of one-pot dishes to be reheated later on. Waiting until summer also gives you the chance to take advantage of post-holiday sales on all manner of kitchen materials.

2. Put in a Pool
Trying to dig a pool before the ground is ready only leads to frustration and delays. Even if you’re putting in an above-ground model, many of the materials required for proper installation perform better when it’s warm. A smooth installation goes quickly, costs less and gives you time to enjoy your new pool before summer is over. If your neighbors are also interested in a pool, you might both have the chance to get a deal if you use the same contractor at the same time.

3. Improve Your Driveway
Trying to spread asphalt when temperatures are too low can lead to a lumpy, uneven disaster instead of the smooth driveway you’re looking for. Asphalt goes down much easier in the hot summer months. Your driveway gets done right the first time, and you don’t wind up incurring extra costs to fix temperature-related problems or fill in cracks that occur if the ground buckles in the spring.

4. Build Up
Putting any kind of addition on your house, especially an upper floor, means facing the possibility of unpredictable weather. Open rooms and roof spaces are less worrisome when the air temperatures are generally warm, and rain is easier to deal with than snow or mixed precipitation. Start planning your addition in the winter so that your contractor can have all the materials ready to go as soon as summer arrives.

5. Spruce Up the Outside
Summer is just the right time to give the whole exterior of your home a makeover with fresh landscaping, a new deck and siding or a paint job. Starting in the spring, many local department stores and garden centers offer deep discounts on plants and flowers. Check hardware and home improvement stores, as well, and take advantage of any sales that you find.

Most of these renovations not only make your home more comfortable but also increase its value. Should you decide to sell in the future, your summertime investment has the potential to pay off in a big way beyond simply saving a few dollars on the initial remodeling job.

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