Get Your Garden Ready for Spring at The Manor

a person getting their garden ready for spring

Spring has finally arrived, which means it’s time to venture outside and get some fresh air. The perfect activity to ensure that you embrace the outdoors as much as possible during this season is gardening. Though it may seem a tad early to start planting anything, it is a good time to prepare everything in advance. At The Manor, we want your garden to flourish, so we have provided you with five tips to get your garden ready for spring!

How to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

1. Prepare Your Composting Area: Creating a composting area is one of the best things that you can do as a gardener. You can purchase compost from your local nursery or co-op, or create your own out of food and yard waste. Once you have your compost, find a nice, flat area near the house or garden to set up a basic composting system.

2. Save Containers for Seedlings: If you’re a last minute kind of gardener, then this is your year to get a head start. Start collecting containers for those seedlings that you want to grow yourself, so once April or May comes around, these seedlings will be ready for planting.

3. Order Your Seeds: This is considered the favorite part for all gardener’s itching to tend to their gardens. Browse through seed catalogs or websites to help you pick out which beautiful plants you would like to grow this year.

4. Prep Your Soil: To prepare your soil for spring, you must break up the soil as much as possible. If you have a large garden plot, we recommend using a tiller. Digging up the soil is great for gardening because it aerates and loosens it for planting.

5. Ready Your Gardening Tools and Potting Area: Before you start gardening, claim a work area in the garage, workshop or patio space. Find a table to lay out all your tools on and paint the space a cheery color. Once your space satisfies your taste, it’s time to clean your tools. Use something that’s abrasive, such as a scrubbing pad, to eliminate caked-on dirt or rust. Also, paint the metal part with a light coat of oil and store them in a bucket of sand to maintain their rust-free appearance and sharpness.

Want to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring at The Manor?

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