6 Simple Summer Decorating Ideas

Image of bedroom that utilizes summer decorating Ideas

Summertime is the time to shake off the long winter, leave behind the rains of spring and lighten up your home. These six simmer decorating ideas will make the whole house feel more open and inviting.

Embrace the Light

Swapping your dark, heavy winter curtains for brighter colors and lacy designs lets natural sunshine reign supreme in every room. Although you’ll still want to have a heavier barrier to keep extreme heat at bay when necessary, opening things up the rest of the time lets you enjoy the mood-boosting effects of natural sunlight.

Go Natural

“Outdoorsy” is a common theme for summer decorating, and one of the easiest ways to bring an outdoor feeling to any room is to choose fabrics like cotton, bamboo and wicker. Country-style checkmarks add a homey touch to table settings, and accessories with seashells bring a taste of the beach to your decor.

Change Colors

Winter decorating emphasizes deep, rich colors, but summer is the time for bold and bright. Exchange browns, reds and forest greens for blues, yellows, oranges and vibrant natural shades. Seek out vivid or pastel versions of your favorite colors, and create a theme that can be used in every room. Decorating with a theme in mind creates a cohesiveness throughout the house that’s balancing and visually pleasing.

Think Like a Minimalist

You probably have a lot of blankets, pillows, throws and other heavy accessories hanging around the house after winter. Summer is the time to put all of that away and focus on just a few basics. Use throw pillows that match your chosen color scheme, and limit throws to one or two light, ornamental choices. Only use decorations that add an energetic note to the decor and keep them simple. For some greenery, look for summer flowers or house plants to add a lively touch to your home.

Are You Looking for a Home to Try Out These Summer Decorating Ideas?

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