Month: March 2016

Spring Decorating Trends for Your Home

Spring has arrived and so has its many, colorful trends! If you are known as the trendsetter of the neighborhood, then our spring decorating trends are sure to help you maintain your title.

Five Spring Decorating Trends for 2016

1. Out with the Dark, In with the Light: This is the perfect time of year to put away any dark fabrics and replace them with fresh, light colors. We recommend leaning toward a blue or purple watercolor floral fabric that will match the sunny days of spring. Read More

Get Your Garden Ready for Spring at The Manor

Spring has finally arrived, which means it’s time to venture outside and get some fresh air. The perfect activity to ensure that you embrace the outdoors as much as possible during this season is gardening. Though it may seem a tad early to start planting anything, it is a good time to prepare everything in advance. At The Manor, we want your garden to flourish, so we have provided you with five tips to get your garden ready for spring! Read More