Month: January 2016

The Top Interior Design Trends for 2016

A new year always brings new trends. Whether it’s clothing or home décor, these trends are something that most of us like to keep track of and implement in our lives.

At The Manor, we embrace visual appeal through the timeless design of our homes. To start off the year right, we have provided you with the top interior design trends for 2016 to ensure your home’s interior never goes out of style! Read More

How to Freshen Up Your Home for the New Year

As the holidays wind down, it’s time to embrace the new year with a fresh look, starting with your home. Giving your home a little TLC doesn’t have to be costly or tedious. In fact, there are a few simple ways in which you can freshen up your home for the New Year on a budget in a short amount of time. Here are five ways in which you can prepare your home and yourself for the upcoming year! Read More