Month: December 2015

5 New Years Resolution Ideas for Your Home

Every New Year brings about many resolutions, such as exercise more, save money, spend more time with family, travel to new places, volunteer, etc singulair for asthma. However, what about making this year’s resolution about your home?

As the adage goes, home is where the heart is. By dedicating yourself more to your home, you will gain much more from your living space. We have provided you with five New Years resolution ideas for you to consider. Read More

10 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Holiday Curb Appeal

Winter marks the perfect time to boost your home’s holiday curb appeal with seasonal décor. Whether you choose to decorate with just a wreath or go all out, here are 10 ways to prepare your home for the holidays!

1. Hang a Wreath on Your Door

A festive wreath hanging on the front door is one of the most traditional ways to signify the holidays. However, don’t feel as though your wreath needs to be traditional! Over the years, different styles of wreaths have been created to bring in the holiday season, such as ones made from ribbon, holiday ornaments or even freshly cut flowers. Choose the one that best suits you! Read More

What to Consider When Buying a Home During the Holidays

Unfortunately, the holiday season is an inconvenient time to sell or purchase a home. However you may have some advantage over this time if you know the market beforehand.

There are many benefits to buying a home during the holidays that can make the process smoother, and secure you with the best price. We have provided you with a few of them to help you decide if now is the right time to buy! Read More