Month: June 2015

Custom Home Designs: How to Add Southern Charm

For most homebuyers, a new home with the latest updates and appliances is a must have. However, what if you’re more interested in a home with traditional aspects?

One of the great advantages of creating custom home designs is having the ability to add anything you desire to it. For those of you who are in love with that southern charm, Atlanta Fine Homes has provided you with a list of timeless features to include in your design to make you feel more at home in the south. Read More

The Top Housing Trends in Georgia

Since the most recent recession, many homebuyers have adjusted their choices regarding where and how they would like to live.

In Georgia, specifically in the Atlanta area, the real estate industry has noticed a few trends that homebuyers have been following, which have gained a significant amount of traction. Read More

Five Popular Custom Home Upgrades You’ll Love

Custom building your home is an exciting process because it represents an opportunity to design your dream home.

There are many desirable aspects of a house that have the potential of making it your dream home. Atlanta Fine Homes is dedicated to making your dream home come to life by partnering with the region’s finest home builders in Atlanta to give you an uncompromising experience. We have provided you with the five most popular custom home upgrades to consider including in your design. Read More