Month: May 2015

Fun Nighttime Activities in Alpharetta

At The Manor, we believe that you deserve to live where you play! Our Alpharetta luxury homes and properties for sale are nestled along a championship golf course and a beautifully manicured landscape dotted with extravagant amenities.

Conveniently located to Atlanta yet removed from the hectic workday, The Manor provides a luxurious lifestyle that feels like a pampered weekend escape. The surrounding community of Alpharetta offers many options for romantic date nights, family fun and social gatherings. Read More

Best Flowering Plants for a Georgia Garden

Buying a new home or property is a chaotic yet exciting time. There are many details and decisions involved in developing your custom home design, such as choosing proper flooring materials.

However, you must also turn your attention to the landscape design of your new property. Creating a garden is a wonderful way to beautify your land while also developing a rewarding new hobby. Georgia’s mild climate is an ideal setting for a multitude of vegetables and flowering plants to thrive. Read More

Top 9 Things to Do in Alpharetta

Alpharetta is a city in Georgia with much to offer for not only tourists, but its residents as well. Boasting numerous activities and attractions, nearby Alpharetta further enriches life at The Manor.

The Manor Golf & Country Club is a residential community nestled in the heart of this exciting city. Don’t miss these top things to do in Alpharetta. Read More